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creating art

so, what’s the difference between art and content?

in my opinion, art touches the fabric of what makes us human. it pushes beyond the constraints of content and stands the test of time, while content exists to reach an audience and tap into their wallets.

if you want me to tell your story, i will create art for you: clean, simple motion and stills. my work sparks nostalgia and evokes ethereal, cinematic dreamscapes. how you use it is up to you. you can harness it to reach your desired audience; to sell an idea, a feeling, an experience or a product. 

i’ve created art for high-end brands such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Tourism Australia, Tesla, Logitech, Jeep, Suzuki, Tourism Tasmania and many more. like these brands, i try to think outside the box – painting beyond the lines every time i get behind the camera as a photographer, director and filmmaker.

this approach seems to resonate with people – i’ve nurtured an engaged community of over 50k instagram followers.

i see things differently – I’m colour blind, with an eye for the beautiful and the remarkable. i’m proud to have co-founded the production house House of Matson, where i’m a director, photographer and editor alongside other talented artists who draw inspiration from the natural world. i've learned the value of high-quality storytelling for clients across tourism, lifestyle and automotive industries – industries that promote freedom. 

alongside my creative work, i founded the jewelry label Yoreh and opened House of Yoreh — an art space in bali, indonesia, that not only serves specialty coffee but also features an art gallery and a studio.

i’ve never called one place home, which is why i’m available to work anywhere in the world. i was born in germany and travelled to asia at 21. not long after, i picked up a camera for the first time in new zealand. i spent the next few years of trial and error jumping between new zealand, australia and asia until i took a leap of faith to pursue photography full time in 2019. i took jobs with tourism boards and car brands – capturing the rush of being on the road and exploring the world’s far-flung places. my travels took me to the united States, mexico and all over south america before i moved to bali – it’s the perfect place for me to draw creativity from nature, warmth and other wandering souls.

i want to take on new projects that inspire me. if you hire me, i’ll produce elegant, high-grade stills and motion that stay true to my striking style and meld with your creative vision.

for business enquiries feel free to get in touch -

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